Still Walking Festival

Sept 2018 - Sept 2019


Lost and Found // Iris Bertz

Samstag 6 April // 16 00 // 90 Minuten

As part of a five day Still Walking visit to MunichThe second walk on SW’s Munich trip sees Iris Bertz introduces us to the idea of Lost and Found art: the accidental, secret, hidden and imagined public art that emerges if we decide we will see it. This can be found in many surprising locations around a city but is always outside of a gallery environment.


Shoe-B-Do // Saranjit Birdi

Sonntag 7 April // 11 00 // 90 Minuten

The second walk on Still Walking’s Munich trip sees Saranjit Birdi combine walking and drawing in a guided walk. You will explore a variety of urban landscapes and textures (brick, grass, water, asphalt) closely - even barefoot - and then learn to respond visually to the environment by sketching it - also by foot.


Stranger in Town // Ben Waddington

Sonntag 7 April // 14 00 // 90 Minuten

This guided tour is inside out, for usually the guide knows the city and its history inside out and wants to share that specialist outlook. But this - the final walk in our Munich programme - will be Ben’s first visit to the city. Stranger in Town is in turns impromptu, playful and forensic, an observation-led group conversation about how new arrivals to a city can provide a unique perspective.


Welcome to the Still Walking festival programme for 2018 - 2019

This is our ninth edition and in a break from tradition we are planning a full year of walking, running and cycling activity, rather than our usual annual blip.

We’re delighted to be working in association with Roundhouse Birmingham and have been commissioned to create a series of new walks in the lead up to their opening in Summer next year. Read about the ‘Victorian Rotunda’ here. These will be all new walks with guides you may have met on our recent programmes.

We still have of events to be announced will feature some of our favourite walks from the previous 8 festivals. Of course all the walks are out favourites and that’s why they’re on the programme - but some are just itching to run again.

Why are we celebrating number 9 and not waiting for ten? Maybe we felt the number 9 has missed out recently in people’s rush to get to number ten. SW has always been about celebrating less obvious aspects of our lives, and we are rarely in that much of a hurry. So we’ve adopted 9 as our new favourite number.

As ever, all events should be booked in advance. Tickets can sell out quickly, so make sure you don’t miss out. See you on the walks!

Ben Waddington // Still Walking Director