Radial Truths // Chris Tomlinson

Sun 31 Mar 1pm

Meet: Birmingham Bike Foundry, 1539 Pershore Road, Stirchley B30 2JH

The expedition is intended to give a theme to an afternoon’s cycling: that of the history of bicycle manufacture and use in Birmingham and the Midlands. Cyclists who commute or have a regular “run” sometimes miss an important aspect of what cycling provide - mixing terrains, visiting specific places and having some scope for discovery as well as just being about exercise. The tour explores the factories and places important in the development of cycling in the 20th Century. The story of Midlands bicycle manufacture is also that of the country’s, for it was here that most of the industry lay.

We will make this tour as accessible as possible – it is not a race and we will be taking things at a leisurely pace. However you should be comfortable riding for an afternoon. You may wish to bring snacks and drinks with you.

It is important that the bike that you intend to do the tour on is roadworthy. We will be doing quick safety checks to all bicycles at our shop before we set off but we will not have chance to address major issues before we leave. If your bike is not safe to ride you will not be able to take part in the tour.

The full length of the route is approximately 20 miles.


About Chris:

Birmingham Bike Foundry, here represented by Chris Tomlinson, is a worker co-operative who promote cycling activities and recycle discarded bikes.

They offer maintenance and cycle training to members of the public, schools and businesses. Their is aim to promote cycling as a healthy, fun, affordable and environmentally friendly means of transport. In 2011, they opened a shop in Stirchley which has been a great success.


  • Whilst the tour will be predominantly on smaller roads and cycle paths, participants should be confident riding on roads.

  • Children are welcome if accompanied by a responsible adult.

  • Radial Truths first ran during first Still Walking Festival in 2012.