Martin Parretti

Fri 22nd SEpt, 5:15pm

Meet:  Outside Innovations Court, 121 Edmund Street B3 2HJ

Duration: 2h

Price: £5

Ditching the train and opting to Walk to Work has given Martin a fresh insight into being a Birmingham pedestrian. While parts of his route have been a delight, there’s a regular gauntlet to run of broken paving, pavement parking, impossible-to-cross roads, endless roadworks against a backdrop of worsening air quality. Martin feels the city needs to do much better.  Join us if you agree - or even if you don’t - for a challenging stroll through the city centre, along Bristol Street and ending at the Country Girl pub, Selly Park.   

About Martin Parretti


For over 10 years Martin ran a walkit.com, a website dedicated to helping people find their way around town on foot.  He loves cities and believes there is no better way to get to know them than by walking – and looking.  Professionally, Martin maintains a great interest in walking, and particularly in trying to understand the factors that influence how people move around cities – and why we do so in the numbers that we do (or do not).  Martin is passionate about - but also frustrated by - Birmingham.

Extra information:


  • The route encounters several obstacles and may not be suitable for anyone with limited mobility.
  • Ends at the Country Girl Public House, 1 Raddlebarn Road, Selly Oak B29 6HJ