The Art Walk - via Kardomah to King Kong

The Art Walk - via Kardomah to King Kong

The Art Walk – via Kardomah to King Kong // Darryl Georgiou + Jeremy Hunt - the Art Walkers

Sun 11 Sept |3pm | 75mins |£5 THIS EVENT HAS NOW SOLD OUT

Meet: outside St Martin-in-the Bull Ring, Edgbaston St B5 5BB.

An urban art walk In search of  surreal ghosts and lost cultural grandeur will explore the ever changing artistic chameleon of central Birmingham to tell forgotten tales of the city’s artists and find traces of their art and sculpture.  We will search for the Bull that once was the symbol of Birmingham - pinpoint the plinth where a purple King Kong outraged civic pride in the 1970s - locate the Kardomah Café, creative home to the Birmingham Surrealist Group - detour to the Georgian streets and birthplace of Sir Edward Burne-Jones and view his stained windows at St Phillips Cathedral - visit Victoria Square, and the vanished fountain of Dhruva Mistry - discover the sculptural quarter of Centenary Square, and the site of Raymond Mason's Forward from 1991 until destroyed in 2003 -  to reflect on the spirits past of Birmingham’s glyptotheque, existing now as echoes in a story or gone up in smoke, and pay homage to Gillian Wearing’s A Real Birmingham Family 2014.

Supported by a research grant from the Henry Moore Foundation.


About Darryl

Darryl Georgiou is an interdisciplinary artist, whose research and practice explores the psychogeography of the city and how places feel, approaching the subject of historical memory in an attempt to represent the past in art.  Jeremy Hunt is a writer on art and public space, art and fiction, art and walking,  presented via poetry, publications, web media, films, exhibitions and events.




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Please wear footwear suitable for urban walking.