John Allison

Thu 21ST SEPT, 6pm

Meet: City Centre Gardens, Cambridge Street B1 2NP

Duration: 1h

Price: £5

24 years in the British Army has given John a unique outlook on using the urban environment as a gym. Bike racks, steps and street furniture become an obstacle course and you’ll be running, jumping, climbing, crawling, pulling and pushing around Birmingham for this one hour session. After a warmup will be heading off on a one hour circuit around streets, squares and canals. John will be teaching you how to make best use of urban terrain and we’ll be having lots of fun along the way. It’s about giving you skills for life that you can use anywhere and at anytime: the streets never close.You don’t need to be superhuman, if you can run a run a mile or two you’ll be fine and we stop frequently to workout on items of street furniture or architectural features. It’s a whole body functional workout, so expect to be crawling, running, jumping, climbing, pushing and pulling.

We’ll give you a PAR-Q form to complete prior to the session and you’ll receive a full safety brief too.

About John Allison

'Duriung my Army years, I’ve often found myself in situations where I had to improvise or make do with what was around me. In addition I spent countless hours swinging, crawling and jumping around military Assault Courses as part of Military Readiness Training (MRT). I was initially trained as a Combat Engineer which was all about creating and defeating obstacles for mobility/counter-mobility. StreetGym® was born out of a desire to inspire people to make do with what theyalready have.' - John Allison

John Allison

Extra information:

  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire form to complete prior to event
  • Age 16 +
  • Footwear suitable for running
  • Please check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.