The Bullzini family funambulists

Sun 24th sept, 12 - 3pm

Go to: St Philips Cathedral Grounds, Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2QB

Duration: 3h

Price: FREE

Over the course of an afternoon in St Philip’s Cathedral grounds, Chris and Phoebe Bullzini will improvise balance skills, slack rope techniques and the creative rethinking of a public space. Using minimal equipment, the Bullzinis will show how it is possible to tantalise and intrigue an audience of passers-by simply by connecting a rope between two static objects. These could be walls, benches, trees, railings, lamp-posts or other regular objects, reused as brackets for an improvised rope-walk. Introducing variables such as non-static objects or impractical locations allows a playful element that invites spectators to put themselves in a precarious or impossible position. The Bullzini’s may also challenge - in safety - members of an audience to walk along a low level rope and have other techniques of making spectators participants.Their approach can be likened to ‘free running’ or parkour, but they are instead using circus techniques to describe, rethink and re-present a space… and to make walking extraordinary.

Slack Rope Connections is supported by Birmingham Weekender festival, which runs 22-24 September at venues across Birmingham.

About Chris Bullzini


'It's a love of balance combined with a desire to give people the opportunity to look up from the floor and see something different that keeps me on the wire. It's been more than 20 years now, I've been making my way in the world using performance as my medium. For over a decade, I travelled all over, tying a slack rope between trees and lamp posts, seeking masters to train with as well as performing for everyone from street kids to royalty. Continuing to draw inspiration from the great tradition of ropewalking, we are excited to embark upon ever greater adventures in balance' - Chris Bullzini

The Bullzini Family


This is a drop-in event, no need to book!

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