programme Change

Fri 15th SEPT, 6pm      SOLD OUT!

Meet: Map Room, Cherry Reds, 88-92 John Bright Street B1 1BN

Duration: 3h

FREE but please book ahead!

Still Walking kicks off with an invitation to ‘workshop’ the current programme - printed at Rope Press - with collage, paints, glitter, pasta or any of your favourite art materials. This year, the paper stock is black, so light coloured pens and paint (and especially collage) will do the trick. We're not expecting masterpieces, enjoying making art is enough to qualify you. We’ve also cheekily picked up a small selection of other current cultural fliers and programmes from around the city for you to subtly add to, alter and improve. We’ll then slip them back into the pile they came from to intrigue, tantalise and delight Birmingham’s visitors and locals.

Extra information


  • Limited places!

  • Please bring your favourite materials, paints, mark-makers and collage material.

  • Children may well enjoy this activity but must be accompanied by an adult. Please also note that our private room is part of a busy public house.