Credit: Simon Williams

Credit: Simon Williams


Peace Process // Fran Wilde

Sat 24 Aug // 6pm SOLD OUT!


Meet: Entrance lobby to The Priory Rooms, 40 Bull Street B4 6AF

What do we mean by Peace? What commercial, civic, belief systems and attitudes support it, and what is the relationship between state and individual commitment to peace? Birmingham is bursting with iconography, buildings and civic spaces that tell of the efforts by individuals and institutions to achieve and maintain peaceful lives.

Our city centre walk coincides with an ambitious year-long Global Peace Walk, from Delhi to Geneva, called Jai Jagat 2020 (trans. Long Live the World 2020). It is initiated by an Indian land and civil rights movement that uses Gandhi’s philosphy and technique of peaceful mass mobilisation to influence policy makers. How do they aim to turn attention to and influence peace processes? Could its ripples touch the heart of Birmingham?

About Fran:

Fran is an artist whose practice is influenced by years of working as a gallery educator, layered with a long time interest in India.

  • Footwear suitable for urban walking and weather-appropriate clothing essential.

  • Accessible

  • Fran invites you to join the group for dinner at Warehouse Café, Allison Street B5 5TH after the walk