Christiane Worth

Tue 19 Sept, 6pm   SOLD OUT!

Meet: 18 Bennett’s Hill B2 4DU (junction of Bennett's Hill and New Street.
Duration: 1h 30mins

City Centres aren't places where you are encouraged to look up. People rush around, avoid bumping into each other and there’s a huge claim on our visual attention. If we do look up from our phones, our gaze is in demand from commercial enterprise, market researchers, street entertainers, scientologists, religious soapboxers and beggars. But we are surrounded by buildings which tell a story using interesting details. During this walk around the city centre, Christiane Worth elevates our attention to the architectural details that tell these stories. Beyond looking, we will be noticing clues, sharing and questioning our observations to prove that lost spaces can be found all around in plain sight.

About Christiane Worth:


Christiane Worth studied Art History in Germany and has always had a great passion for architecture. When she moved to the Midlands she was surprised to find that there was not much written material about Birmingham, such a multi layered city. She started to find out more and discovered a city of much interest. Keen to share her knowledge she has led a number of walks in Birmingham and Warwickshire inviting people to see for themselves and engage in a conversation about architectural heritage.

Extra information:


  • Bring binoculars if you have them.

  • Ages 12 up, children should be accompanied by an adult.

  • Accessible