How to See // Ben Waddington

Wed 22nd May // 6pm // 90 mins

Meet: City Centre Gardens, behind Rep Theatre, Centenary Square B1 2EP

How would we feel about the world if we spent more time looking at it, assessing it, vocally narrating it and interacting with it while we moved through it? Extended observation and thoughtful consideration of our environment is a standard on the guided tour experience. But instead of focusing on sight-seeing, How to See breaks down the action of seeing, fine-tunes our visual literacy and instills participants with a confident understanding of what it means to variously be an active citizen, an observer, a visitor and an explorer. Be prepared for playful and immersive group exercises and improvisations around the city centre.

  • Comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing essential.

  • Accessible route

  • How to See first ran during BE Festival in 2017.