The Bullzini Family Funambulists

sat 23rd Sept, 12pm + 4: 30pm

Meet: Outside Library of Birmingham, Centenary Square, Broad Street B1 2ND

Duration: 1h 30 mins

Price: £5

How do high wire artists make their vision a reality? It turns out that being able to balance on the line is the straight forward bit. You also need to weigh up all the invisible aspects: understanding the physics, how to attach a line to a building, assessing the building’s structural integrity, checking if it is listed, gaining permissions, considering optimum viewing angles and of course safety and insurance aspects. For this walk Chris and Phoebe Bullzini lead a group around the city centre looking for possible locations to create a high future wire walking event in Birmingham City Centre. They will take questions, suggestions, challenges and from the group and respond with an insider’s experience and knowledge of what is involved in 21st century risk culture. A rare insight!


High Wire Connections is supported by Birmingham Weekender festival, which runs 22-24 September at venues across Birmingham.

About Chris Bullzini:


'It's a love of balance combined with a desire to give people the opportunity to look up from the floor and see something different that keeps me on the wire. It's been more than 20 years now, I've been making my way in the world using performance as my medium. For over a decade, I travelled all over, tying a slack rope between trees and lamp posts, seeking masters to train with as well as performing for everyone from street kids to royalty. Continuing to draw inspiration from the great tradition of ropewalking, we are excited to embark upon ever greater adventures in balance' - Chris Bullzini


Bullzini Family


Extra information:

  • Accessible

  • All ages, children must be accompanied by an adult