Iris Bertz

WED 2oth SEPT, 6pm

Meet: Outside Saint Pauls Church, St Pauls Square B3 1QZ

Duration: 1h 30

Price: £5

Gutterfunken is the German term for the chaotic cabling seen on buildings as they struggle to adapt through time. Iris Bertz leads a walk through the Jewellery Quarter, an area going through rapid changes and where the layering of history is thick. On top of it all, new services, guttering and cabling, lighting, alarms, satellite dishes are added, replaced, hooked onto buildings like a crazy growth, dragging Victoriana into the 21st century. Does aesthetics simply not come into it? What price convenience?

About Iris Bertz

Iris is a visual artist with a background in sculpture. Her work is now is mostly making projects happen for others, but her creative outlook is a constant force.

Iris Bertz

Extra information:

  • Accessible
  • Age 12 +
  • Footwear suitable for a long urban walk
  • Bring binoculars if you have some