From A to B: Anhalter Bahnhof to Booth Street

From A to B: Anhalter Bahnhof to Booth Street

From A to B: Anhalter Bahnhof to Booth Street // Darryl Georgiou + Rebekah Tolley

Sat 24 Sept | 4.45pm | 45 mins | £20

Meet: Handsworth's Booth Street tram station, near B21 0HY

A virtual and physical walk within the mind’s eye, which explores historical memory within the context of "how places feel". From A to B, a ghost train between two cities; experience an immersive journey, a lyrical and historical audio narrative between Handsworth’s Booth Street station and Berlin’s Anhalter Bahnhof.

The walk utilises mobile technology to animate and enhance audience participation, enhancing a collective and individual consciousness in the unfolding of resonant spaces. Manifested through memory, a walk through the re-imagined, the anonymous; forgotten people and places.





About Darryl Georgiou, Rebekah Tolley:


Darryl Georgiou is an interdisciplinary artist,  whose research and practice explores the psychogeography of the city and how places feel, approaching the subject of historical memory in an attempt to represent the past in art.  Rebekah Tolley is a filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, who previously worked on large scale interactive projects for the BBC, United Nations and Channel 4; as independent producer for BAFTA UK/BAFTA Los Angeles and as Creative producer and co author with the late, great documentary filmmaking giant, Michael Grigsby.





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Comfortable footwear and weather-appropriate clothing advised.

Please ensure you are familiar with the starting location in advance; it is advised to arrive by tram.