Free Seeing // Francis Lowe SOLD OUT

Sat 6th Oct 1pm

Meet: Outside Moor Street Station, Queensway B4 7UL

Free Seeing is audience-led art that allows participants to find beauty, mood and pattern in the most unexpected and often ordinary of places. A Free Seeing event involves visiting sites in and around the country and encouraging audiences to find time to appreciate the visual value of spaces and places that have hitherto gone unnoticed, been forgotten or overlooked. Free Seeing is for everyone and can be experienced in any way.
An Audience member may choose to take a camera, a note pad, a chair or even a picnic. Free Seeing can last for as little or as long as an audience wants it to. After a Free See, you may not look at your surrounding environment the same way again and rather than looking, you might actually see.


About Francis:

Having originally trained and worked as an animator for British television Francis Lowe has a fascination with image making and movement. In recent years Francis has become interested in the movement of the viewer and the artist. Unbound by studio or drawing desk, Francis explores the nooks, crannies, swoops and spans of our environment to find the unseen and the overlooked. When he’s not exploring abandoned factories and vacant lots, Francis is a practicing artist and academic who speaks internationally on the subjects of image making and storytelling.


  • You may want to bring a small folding stool or roll mat.

  • Footwear suitable for urban walking essential.

  • Free Seeing first ran during the forth Still Walking Festival in 2014.